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Document management systems. Web development. Search engine optimization. Do these sound complicated to you? Do you believe these are important to your business or organization but don’t have the personnel or expertise to undertake any of these?

Throw away your worries. Newmediaix Corporation is here specifically for organizations like yours.

We know how important the Internet is to businesses—and any organization for that matter—these days. Without an online presence, companies do not have access to a wide range of opportunities that are out there. But establishing an online presence is not just about putting up a website. Every organization has to make sure it has a strong and credible online presence, that a lot of people visit its site every day, that its website provides all the information that visitors look for.

We know you cannot be bothered with all this; you have to focus on growing the business, the organization. We know, too, that amid these challenging times, hiring a permanent staff to maintain the organization’s online presence would only raise your overhead.

Allow Newmediaix to establish your online presence so you’ll be able to reach your full potential, access target markets and lead the industry.

Home Health Billing

The billing and collection aspect in the operation of a home health agency is a problematic area. Our team includes trustworthy and highly competent accountants who can process patients’ data to come up with accurate and prompt billing statements.

We safeguard the financial health of your organization so you can more effectively take care of the health of your clients.
Home Health System Operation Consultancy

Lean is mean, and this is true among home health agencies, too. Many home health operations need to streamline operations, rationalize functions and implement strategies to maximize collectibles and income.

We can help you with regard data entry, data collection, data security and anything involving systems operations of home health agency/office.
Web Development

Developing a website is not as easy as some may think. You see a lot of websites that hardly get any attention and that is because web development is more than getting nice pictures to go with the right words. We do not just design the right look for your website but we also pull our muscles to ensure high traffic of online visitor. We collaborate with you in providing content that provides all the relevant information about your business, products and services, and help you attract attention online.

We can also maintain your website to ascertain it remains relevant to prospective clients on the Internet. But you can also manage your website because we make things easy for even the most non-technical person in your organization through simple content management systems (CMS).

Our services under web development include:

- Website Design
- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
- CMS (Content Management System)
-Automatic web hosting for one year
Software Development

We develop software that will help you operate more efficiently as a business organization. Our main goal is to come up with innovative solutions that are meant to improve your efficiency and productivity.

We produce customized online and local-based applications that are tailor-fit to your needs. Our portfolio includes online billing solutions and PT monitoring systems for home health companies.

Our products and services are all within the affordable range for small and medium business organizations because empathize with your growing pains.
Web Hosting

We have state-of-the-art equipment and servers, all US-based, that are maintained by dedicated IT professionals 24-hours a day, seven days a week, so you need not worry about your online data. We assure security and redundancy with our hosting services at very minimal costs. Our clients get unlimited e-mail and 50 MBPS bandwidth with 50 MB free, which can be upgraded, of course.
System Network Consultation (only for Chicago land area)

We have the best people to provide one-on-one system network and consultations to help you grapple with information technology problems. We have expertise in:

▫ Hardware upgrades
▫ Mobile computing
▫ Networking
▫ Database development/management
▫ Data conversion
▫ Data retrieval (from damaged hard drives)
▫ Backup solutions
▫ Special projects
▫ Technical support for PCs or Macs
▫ Training
▫ Virus or spyware removal
▫ Time and attendance tracking
▫ VPN / remote solutions
Logo design and graphics editing

Wondering how to best present your business organization can be time-consuming and mind-boggling. We can save you the hassle and design logos and graphics for your online marketing collaterals.

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"Working with NewMediaIX on my web site design was effortless. They listens, They understands, and They cared about my project.  I will continue to use NewMediaIX and appreciate there expertise and professionalism. "

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